My Breakfast

Mon, Nov 1, 2010 2-minute read

Last week I went to DroidCon in London, as I had an early start and I got the venue with half an hour to spare I had breakfast at the Breakfast Club Cafe in Angel, unfortunately our expense system only allows 50 characters in the description field when claiming expenses which I hardly think does this experience justice (nor can I claim to be embracing the spirit of Sarbanes-Oxley) therefore I’m writing a post which I can shorten with  then link to from our expenses system.

I had pancackes

I also had a latte  

I’m not claiming for the coffee as that would put me over policy £6.00 even though I dont think this is an excessive amount of food for a human male on a cold winters morning (let me know if you agree in the comments)

I also had an apple juice but as this is part of my 5-a-day and the government mandated it I’m clearly getting far more benefit from this than the company would so I won’t claim for that either. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of this as it didn’t look that appetising, therefore it must have been healthy.

Here’s a picture  of my receipt with the items I’m paying for out of my own pocket clearly crossed through, you’d think that a large technology focussed company would be able to do without paper but in a couple of days the electronic system will tell me to print out my claim and put it in an envelope along with theses scraps of paper and send it to a real person.